What goes on behind the Bureaucratic Curtain?
People who’ve never worked for the government often assume that, if an enterprise is government owned and operated, it’s badly run.
Ironically, the opposite is true especially if you’re buying city land to build on. You’re making a big investment. So you want to deal with an outfit that’s going to be around for a while. The City of Calgary has over 120 years under its belt and is as trustworthy as any bank.
Now we don’t know who named this development. But we do know the city wanted a name that reflected its location, easy access, and spectacular mountain views. There is value in these features and the name, Royal Vista Business Park, was a savvy way to position the land for marketability.  
Then the city sought a brand to portray these features to their best advantage. They liked how Kirk Seton played up the word ‘Vista’ to highlight the views and the location. And they loved how his logo design forced the architectural elements to pop up in 3D, in front of the foothills and mountains.
It is called the chiaroscuro technique and it is, according to Kirk, a matter of using light and shadow to define three-dimensional objects. In the right design, it can be quite powerful. Like it is in the identity brand for Royal Vista Business Park.
Oh, and by the way: if you like the sophistication of this brand, know that shrewd land development people chose it. And since they all work for the city, you could call them bureaucrats. They wouldn’t mind.

Story by: George Roberts

Pictorial Icon  //  True to its name, Royal Vista’s Icon reflects the exceptional westerly views toward Alberta’s Rocky mountains and their gently rolling foothills, depicted with elegantly crafted geometric shapes
Marketing folder  //  Three panel folder with custom die cut flap and fastening tab
Marketing sales kit  //  Single pocket with business card slot, with insert pages produced in-house on pre printed 8.5” x 11” sheets
Site map  //  Illustrated site map with colour coded legend

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