A masterpiece and its family of subsets.
If the name Michelangelo means anything to you, you’ll know that he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculpted the statue of David. You may not be too familiar with his architectural drawings and inventive sketches – but his helicopter plans, from the 1500s, are pretty famous.
Indeed, Michelangelo was so talented and his work so prolific, he continues to inspire art and artists to this day. So it’s no surprise to see his influence in the branding program for the Artisan group.
Artisan means ‘to instruct in the arts” and is often used to capture the essence of craftsmanship in skills like blacksmithing, woodworking, and pottery. It was in this spirit that Kirk created the hand drawn look of woodcuts for the capital A of Artisan’s parent company.
He then wove that aesthetic into a ‘crafty’ expression for each of the subsidiary operations. The resulting logos are earthy and basic, yet they all have a common elegance that unites them as the Artisan family of brands.
Which brings us back to the subject of Michelangelo and the question of whether he’d approve of Kirk’s designs? We’re betting Michelangelo would find the power of branding in today’s world, intriguing. We think he might even suggest that branding is like a rebirth of the Renaissance.
Because it kind of is.

Story by: George Roberts
Artisan child brands  //  each corporate division is represented with their own unique brand identity reflecting different Artisan disciplines
Concept collage  //  Integrated use of the four child brands which where used to tie the visual concept together throughout the identity package assets
Marketing folder cover  //  Foil embossed logo with a tinted varnish watermark utilizing the four brand collage
Marketing folder inside  //  Two pockets for marketing collateral, two business card slots with tinted varnish watermark imagery and metallic ink full flood on the right panel
Stationery package  //  Custom envelop with kiss registration on the envelop flap, watermarked letterhead and second sheet, business cards utilizing the four brand collage and the brand identity colour pallet
Brand Standards Guide  //  A brand champions bible for proper brand management, containing all the colour breakdown information for print and digital applications 

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