How would you brand a bunch of wild animals, mountain ridges and thousands of acres of forestland?
Imagine a wiry, sunburned cowpoke, leaning down from his saddle to look you in the eye. He removes his hat, knocks off some dust and keeps eye contact with you. Then he squints, runs his tongue around the inside of his mouth, and drawls, “I’d do what needs doing. I’d get out my iron and just brand it.”
And that’s pretty much what Kirk did for Elk Park Ranch. It abuts a national park. Its 3500 acres are divided amongst 16 ranches, all of which are blessed by the Columbia River Valley, the Purcell Mountains and some of the crispest, cleanest air in the world.
Kirk made the K in elk work really hard to maintain a rustic western quality in the Elk Park wordmark. Then he sub branded all 16 ranches. The client loved them all. Each of the owners cherished their own individual ‘brand’. And as for Kirk?
He rode off into the setting sun to burnish his reputation with yet another example of how to use the power of good design to brand some fine parcels of land in western Canada.

Story by: George Roberts
Integrated brand collateral  //  Post cards, sub brands, maps, envision document and containment package
Sub branding  //  Illustrated map, each of the 16 individual ranches had a custom sub brand, called Ranchettes 
Interpretive signage  //  Five interpretive stations placed strategically within the boundaries of the ranches highlighting the vistas, fauna and wildlife native to the ranches
Marketing postcard series  //  Five unique postcard designs photographed from different vistas within the 16 ranches
Envisioning book  //  Various interior spreads

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