Bangkok View. Suay mak mak!


17th Floor view from Tower Two, "The Station Condo."

I arrived in Bangkok on November 16 after a long, exhausting journey taking 23 hours and two stops one in Vancouver, Canada and the other in Hong Kong, China. The first two nights were spent unwinding from the jetlag at the "Rafael Mansion Bangkok Airport" Hotel before venturing into the city core.

The question? Is there a "centre" of Bangkok?

So, I am saying the "centre" is where the (BTS) Bangkok Transportation system merges in Bangkok's biggest shopping area, in Sukhumvit where the Sukhumvit and Silom lines meet. You feel an amazing energy surge when you step out from the train onto the platform at the "Siam" station; people are moving by at an incredible pace. And always obliging to help the lost tourist like myself. I experienced an awkward moment trying to sling my backpack up onto my back, as I stumbled around trying to find the backpack straps a young lady on her way to the office, I must add - dressed very sharp, offered to help me get the backpack straps untangled. "Kob Khun Mak Mak Krub" = "Thank you very much."

The Bangkok journey continued after I located my central Airbnb homestay at "The Station Condos, Tower 2", an excellent comfortable bachelor unit, reasonably priced at CAD 35.00 per night. I spent five days here exploring the local area, shopping malls and meeting up with friends that I met from last years travels. So much fun to catch up and learn more about life in Bangkok and Thailand in general.

The first week was also a visually stimulating experience – "texture overload"! Awe-inspiring as I found myself clicking pictures constantly and getting my creative juices flowing with some good sketching sessions. I honestly felt alive, invigorated.

Please check back again soon.

Khob Khun Krub.